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Easton Hat Trick

The super-light Easton Hat Trick is a great tent for one to three people looking for a light, strong, and reliable shelter in many different environments. I just got done using this shelter in the extreme conditions on Mt. Whitney. The first night in the tent we had 70 mph gusts of wind and blowing snow. At one point, a tent pole bent down and hit my head as I was laying there. In the morning when I awoke, every single piece of the tent was intact! Other tents on the mountain were rendered useless – not the Hat Trick.

One of the cool things about the Hat Trick is the pole system. Easton calls this the “air lock” system. I was a bit skeptical at first sight, but after using these poles, I am a believer. One thing you won’t be skeptical about will be the weight of the poles. They are SUPER light! This keeps the entire tent weight well below 7 lbs. This is really light for a three-person tent.

The only downside I found was that Easton calls this an all-season tent. While the tent did do a great job holding its ground in the high wind, the mesh inner let snow blow into the tent. The mesh provides for great ventilation, but hard to call this a complete “all season” shelter.

If you are looking for a high-end, super-light shelter that is reliable, I would suggest throwing a Hat Trick in your pack. You might not even know it is there!


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