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The Best Camera to Carry

Shooting photography has become a passion of mine over the last few years. I have lots of equipment that cost too much money, yet which camera do I always have on me and find myself constantly relying on? My iPhone! So I have delved more and more into shooting and editing with the iPhone. I use various applications to edit, but I still just use the built-in camera for shooting in all cases but one, which I will talk about later.

I’ve learned a couple of useful techniques for shooting photos with an iPhone. First,  the “shutter” takes when you release your finger from the screen, as opposed to when you push the button. Therefore, the most effective way to take a photo is to put your finger on the button, focus on your subject, and then release your finger. Knowing this will give you a photo that is clearer, and you won’t get as much camera shake. Another technique is taking a photo by pushing the “volume up” button. This facilitates taking self-portraits like the one below.

The one time that I use a different program to shoot photos is when I need a shutter release timer. In that case, I use the app Camera Awesome,which was developed by SmugMug. This app also features a fast shutter that will shoot slow burst or fast burst, albeit at a lower resolution. You can find this app at




Here are some other apps that I use to edit:

Camera Plus Pro


Color Splash

I always keep my phone protected by my LifeProof case that you can find here:









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  • Victor Reader


    Love to view your latest photos! They are awesome and cool to see parts of the world that I will never!! Hope you are doing good and next time you are in Louisville.... Hollar!

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