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Sizing for Climbing Shoes

“What size climbing shoes should I get?”

“How should my climbing shoes fit?”

“How do you size your approach shoes?”

These are common questions about the sizing and fit of climbing shoes that I hear all the time. I put together a video answering some of these questions. Remember, climbing is supposed to be fun; pain isn’t fun. Buy shoes that fit and feel good, and you WILL climb harder!



  • Bryan


    Karsten, Great explanation! Couldn't have said it better myself. It is all dependent on the type of climbing and distance. Do you ever find yourself bringing an extra pair of more technical climbing shoes with you on a long multi pitch? Or choose the best type of shoe for the overall type of climb? The reason I ask is because I have shoes that are a heck of a lot better at edging but are more uncomfortable. Then I have a super comfortable pair that I could climb in for days with out pain. I've always thought that if time were not an issue why not change to the uncomfortable pair that prove better performers in getting you over that 12+ crux. What are your thoughts?

    • Karsten


      I do think that if the climb calls for different shoes to bring them. I try to climb as much in my approach shoes as possible and then switch to my climbing shoes for the harder pitches.

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