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Deuter Guide 35+ pack Review and Tips

The Deuter Guide 35+ pack has been a go-everywhere, hold-everything, take-anything-I put-it-through pack. Deuter has been making packs since the 1800’s, and they are built German tough with nothing held back. I have used this pack for everything from guiding winter Sierra summits to putting up first ascents in Armenia to cragging in the Red River Gorge and just got off the Cathedral Traverse in the Tetons with it yesterday. Over 400 days of mountain use later, not a single thing has broken on this pack! The only thing that even had wear was a pull string for the lid, and all that happened there was the sheath wore away.

At 3 lbs 12 oz, the pack isn’t the lightest on the market, just the most durable. Deuter has brought out the Guide Lite series for those wanting ultra-light pack. But again, I have never had a pack that I could put 400 days of use on and have no rips or tears or repairs. The Guide 35+ is made for serious climbers and alpinists who want durability and performance.


Useful features of the Deuter Guide 35+ pack:

-Side zipper to main compartment

-“3 way” removable hip belt

-Gear loops on waist belt

– Made from Deuter-MacroLite 420, Deuter-Duratex-Lite material


Ideal uses for the Deuter Guide 35+ pack:

-Summer alpine rock climbing

-High-end winter alpine climbing where speed and size are an issue


-Getting groceries on your bike


Tips for the Deuter Guide 35+ pack:

-When carrying your climbing rack, put a puffy or something soft in the bottom. This will help the bottom of the pack not abrade so harshly when it rubs against the rocks.

-The hip belt is removable, but you can also just remove the padding. I like this feature when climbing with a harness.

-Once on the climb, I usually stuff my lid inside the pack and use the pull cords to keep the pack closed. This makes the pack smaller and also gives you more room to look up at the next holds.

-While on the climb with the lid stuffed in, I keep things like my wind jacket, water bottle, and food on the side with the zipper. This allows for easy access to the items I will want at hanging belays.

-I can use a lighter harness when climbing with the Guide 35+ because it has gear loops on the waist belt.

-If you leave the top ice axe holder a little loose, you can unclip the bottom buckle and remove the axe without taking the pack off.

-Use the Helmet Holder to hold your helmet secure and provide a little more room in the pack. (I also use this to carry my WAG bags out.)

Deuter Guide 35+ with top tucked in for climbing.

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