Gear review


If you spend a lot of time in the mountains (and traveling the country in your truck), you get really good at repairing things on the fly. McNett makes products that have become essential for carrying in the backcountry and have proven equally useful in the “front country.”

I was driving down a backcountry road in my truck the other day, and one of the batteries in my camper busted the hinge to the compartment door that they are stored in. I also have been needing to repair my LaSportiva Gandas as I have put close to 60 mountain days on these great shoes and want to extend their life before getting them resoled. So as I am repairing my shoes with Freesole, I thought to myself, “Wonder if this could work on my truck?”  I have a new compartment door on order, but it would be nice if it was useable in the mean time. So after a bit of shoe repair, I went to work on the door…

Freesole made it work great!

I use medical gloves to keep the stickiness down!


I’ve used some of Gear Aid’s other products like Tenacious TapeSeam Grip, and GORE-TEX patches quite a bit on tents, sleeping pads, pants, and jackets to keep them in good working order. I have even started carrying a small repair kit into the mountains because gear has gotten lighter but not necessarily stronger!



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