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La Sportiva Batura 2.0 GTX

My time in New Hampshire is fading fast as Fox Mountain Guides NH Ice trip comes to an end. This year we have seen quite the swing in temperatures from 51°F to -10°F. I have been in my La Sportiva Batura 2.0 GTX every day for work or play! This year I have had two different clients on this trip alone buy the Batura 2.0 and be way psyched on them.


I have had all three generations of the boot, and the Batura 2.0 GTX is the ringer! It weighs in significantly lighter than its predecessor at 1.8 pounds total. As we all know pounds off our feet in the mountains make the summits that much sweeter!

Even with the older models, my feet have rarely been chilled in this boot. The 2.0 is no exception even though the boot does weigh a good amount less. Sportiva puts both a layer of aluminum in the boot, which helps reflect the heat, and  a 3mm honeycomb tech insulating carbon insole. The other big improvement has been the GORE® layers on the outer and inner boot. This was particularly noticeable when climbing on a 52°F day! Yes, we did stop by noon as it was becoming a little unsafe!

One of the biggest issues with the boot in the past has been the zipper system. This was greatly improved on the EVO model (last year’s) and has now been mastered on the 2.0 GTX. The zipper itself is smooth, waterproof, and covered by velcro tabs to prevent any moisture from getting inside.


Whether you are climbing in the Ouray Ice Park, or checking out the Mount Washington Valley Ice Fest, look to see what all the pros are wearing; I bet you it is the Batura!IMG_3566




















Check out this video by Jim Surette with Steve House wearing the Batura here:




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