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La Sportiva Swing Sandal “review”

The perfect summer approach shoeLa Sportiva Swing Sandal

I just got done testing out one of the best summer approach shoes I have ever worn. The La Sportiva Swing offers exceptional comfort. Your feet feel free in them, and the leather is placed perfectly to allow maximum breath-ability. This helps keep the odor down and also helps keep your feet dry, which is important since they are not GoreTex. The bottoms have FriXion rubber, which the website says is “for everything.” I couldn’t agree more: they hook up on the sandy, muddy, and rocky approaches and still handle smears on the overhanging rock. They have a great ergonomic toe box that helps as much with performance as it does with the shoe’s fashion. I will say the heel slides around a bit especially when trying to heel hook, but over all you can’t beat these shoes for the price to weight ratio. Grab a pair and get sending this summer!

Winter review of the Swing to come…


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