Road trip

Ski strap skins (tech tip)

IMG_6854Ski straps have many uses. Today I found out a new one. As Lindsay, Buster and I got to the top of Red Mountain Pass and started getting our gear ready I heard some choice words coming from the back of the truck. Lindsay who was so psyched to use her brand new skis had just realized that she had forgotten her skins. It was a long ride back to Ouray and with out missing a beat Buster looked at me and asked how many ski straps I had. After digging around the truck we found six. We put the straps on the skis and were off to earn our turns.

Lindsay Fixmer with "ski strap" skins.

Lindsay Fixmer with “ski strap” skins.

A few things we learned.

Keep the straps under foot when possible.

If you have long straps, go around twice.

Keep the tails to the outside.

And just don’t forget your skins!IMG_6877IMG_6866


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