American Mountain Guides Association

Sliding on Volcanos


As I delve into my final AMGA discipline, I am finding the beauty of carrying boards to the top of the mountains, the descent! It is some feeling when you get to the top of peaks and know you only have a few hours and you will be back at the car when all the other climbers have a knee banging descent. But it is also about experiencing the alpine environment in a different way. Sliding across endless fields of glaciers, taking routes because they present a steeper slope, managing terrain that I would typically brush off and sliding over cracks I would typically want a rope on. Experiencing the “flow” of the mountain with every turn and yearning for just another thousand feed of corn snow, I found myself looking back up the mountain and saying, “What a great experience, look at that line, I can’t wait to come back!”.


Learn about mountaineering and alpine climbing this winter in New Hampshire’s White Mountains.




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