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So I have done it. I bought a van. Built it out. and now have to post about it. That is what you do right?

I purchased the van in mid September off the lot. Sold my Fourwheel Camper, and had to build it out as fast as I possibly could since I stay in it for my job quite often. So here are some photos of the process.

I bought it from a Freightliner dealer in South Carolina. It is a 144 wheelbase with high roof and 4×4.

The first trip I did in it was to the New River Craggin Classic and I had just gotten it so I used NRS straps and put my grandfathers old recliner with a small table and a crash pad to sleep on. It worked, but I was psyched to get back and start doing the mod.









And so the process begins:

For insulation I used rattle trap on as much of the paneling as i could and then used reflectix and then thinsulate


















Cutting a hole in the top of a brand new van is a big gripping. I went with the Max fan due to its ability to be opened in the rain.









I used plywood for the interior build out. I stained it with a poly stain that keeps most of the original color. The walls are 1/4 inch with everything else being 3/4 inch.









I put in butcher board for the counter top and went with a hand pump for water and sink. I also insulated this well so that it will be less likely to freeze while I am shredding the nar.





The vehicle came with an auxilary battery but I went ahead and put another under the drivers seat. I also added one 80w solar panel to the top from RB Components.









I then had Jason over at OGRE (a local shop) make rock sliders, a rear bumper, and install a front bumper from Backwoods Adventure Mods. He also put all the rescue and led lights on!





















And the finished interior in use:



I will continue to update this blog as I get more photos or do more mods…


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